Oct. 10, 2023

New edition of the Reconstruction booklet

This document was published under the same title in October 2018 by the International Urban Project Management Workshops of Cergy-Pontoise, written and updated by Hervé Dupont, member and administrator of the association.

Intrigued by the mechanisms of reconstruction operations, and by the role played by the memory of places and people, he gives us in this brochure some elements nourished by his experience.

Syria, Iraq, France 1944, Beirut 1995, Berlin, Warsaw, ... were strongly affected by destructive conflicts in different contexts with one constant: reconstruction is an urban planning and development operation unlike any other as it implements the emergency, the trauma, the reorganization of the country and its laws, memory, the capacity to invest in a new project, population movements... Hervé Dupont tries to base himself on ancient experiences to shed light on today's reconstruction challenges.

Please find below the document!

  • Reconstruction - Hervé Dupont