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The call for application for the international workshop of design and urban planning "Urban, economic and employment dynamics : what future for industrial and Business activity areas ?" is extended until the June, 26th.

International urban planning and design workshop in Cergy-Pontoise, Paris-Region - 5 to 23 of september, 2016 - for young professionals (less than 30 years old) and students (master degree) from all countries and specializations.

It looks at the dynamics behind the mutation and transformation of industrial and business activity areas in the Northern Paris-Region. Faced with a context of energy crisis and rare, expensive real estate, the city and urban activities must be their own resource for regeneration.

What economic development strategies for these territories will emerge and how will Business-Industrial Parks are going to evolve, with the ongoing renewal of the urban fabric and employment opportunities ?

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The northern of Paris-Region

In 2016, Les Ateliers Internationaux de Maîtrise d’oeuvre Urbaine International (Urban Planning and Design Workshops) looks at the experimental potential of Northern Paris-Region, a strategic territory of the Greater Paris Region.

The area is home to the air-industry corridor of Roissy/Le Bourget and the Space and Air Museum; it is affected by the new transit structure of Greater Paris Express; it hosted the COP 21 event and will host the Euro Football games in the Stade de France, this area is central for the Paris application for the 2024 Olympics ; culture and creative activities such as the Cité du Cinéma abound and so do large solidarity projects meant for inhabitants, as well as the growing university campus of Condorcet Paris-Aubervilliers. These initiatives are the newest facets of an area with deep industrial heritage, which also holds the biggest river harbor in the region, the urban centrality of Cergy-Pontoise, and the sprawling agricultural plain of Pays de France at its core. All of the above give a picture of the major assets of this area.

Productive Seminar

On the last 14th of April fifty local actors, researchers and urban planners in order to prepare the Paris workshop taking place in next September. The topic was the future of the activity zones in the Paris region : we have seen during this day that their name, their role and their planning system has to be rethought. It is true especially because of the current context of transformation of the industrial activities, new expectations from companies and neighbours, land scarcity in the metropolis and great projects that can represent levers of development.

After several presentations, the guests have worked in group in order to clarify and deepen questions to future participants...

Deadline to apply: June 26, 2016 (23h, Paris hour)

Send your application until June 26, 2016 at

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