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Water and Metropolization in Hyderabad

  • The Hussain Sagar Lake
  • Nalaganddla lake
  • Musi River in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, India, is strategically located on the Deccan Plateau. It is home to many lakes and is intersected by the Musi River. This bustling metropolis is renowned for its rich history and technological advancements. However, the city’s rapid urban growth has given rise to a complex set of urban challenges.

The city’s expansion has led to increased population density, escalated vehicular traffic, and heightened air pollution. These factors exert considerable strain on the city’s infrastructure, leading to issues related to waste management, water supply, and public health.

Hyderabad’s hydrographic network faces significant challenges due to urban sprawl. Unplanned urbanization has led to encroachments on the river’s floodplains and lake shores, altering their natural course and affecting their water quality. The pharmaceutical industry, a major part of Hyderabad’s economy, also contributes to the water pollution. Groundwater, a crucial resource for the city, is being overexploited, leading to a decrease in water table levels.

Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and sustainable approach. The Hyderabad International Urban Workshop will explore the different dimensions of the water in Hyderabad, through its management, economic, social, and environmental roles, and will invite professionnals from different disciplines, from India and from all over the world, to come up with innovative and effective solutions to ensure a livable and resilient Hyderabad for future generations.

The Hyderabad International Urban Workshop will take place for two weeks, in Hyderabad. After several days of visits and conferences, participants will work in teams to bring out innovative and illustrated collective proposals. They will be presented to an international jury at the end of the two-week workshop.

The workshop is open to professionals from all disciplines and origins. The selection takes place through a call for applications, available online soon. The application consists of a form, a CV and a motivation letter on the topic of the workshop. Participation in the workshop is voluntary. Accommodation, transportation, tours and most meals are covered by Les Ateliers.

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The workshop is open to professionnals from all disciplines (geography, environment, sociology, architecture, art, economics, transportation, anthropology, etc...) and from all nationalities.

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du 25 novembre 2024
au 6 décembre 2024

April 2024: The international call for applications will be released.
June 2024: Participants selection
September 2024: Preparatory online roundtables
November 2024: International workshop [expected timeframe]


Scientific pilots: Florence Bougnoux (France) and Reena Mahajan (India), architects and urban planners

Management team: Véronique Valenzuela (Chile/France), director of projects and Simon Brochard (France), coordinator

Contact: hyderabad@ateliers.org

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