Kampala 2019 Uganda Atelier professionnel

Green and innovative Kampala

Combine energies and synergies towards transition to face climate change
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Kampala enjoys a unique geography: its numerous hills shape the city’s unique landscape and structure, the shores of Lake Victoria offer leisure and productive opportunities, its fertile soils and tropical climate allow for a rich flora, and its wetlands are precious ecosystems. These valuable assets are nevertheless being threatened by the great challenges that the city is facing. It is expected that Uganda’s capital city will host more than 10 millions inhabitants by 2040. This unprecedented growth is source of environmental threats and has pushed residents to take development on their hands.

Informality in Kampala is not just about housing, it is about transport, economic activities and urban development in general. While informality has obvious costs, it also shows the great resourcefulness and entrepreneurship capacity of its residents.

Les Ateliers and all the participants of the workshop relied on this energy and on the numerous local initiatives to find some perspectives making Kampala a sustainable and resilient capital city.

The Kampala workshop video takes you into the Kampala landscapes and makes you discover the topic of the workshop: IMAGE ALT TEXT


Pilotes :

Blanca Calvo Boixet Architecte et Urbaniste, Espagne / Afrique du Sud

Jean Grébert Architecte, Expert en transport et mobilité, France

Assistants-pilotes :

Annet Twinokwesiga Architecte, Ouganda

Simon Brochard Géographe et Historien, France

Directrice des projets :

Véronique Valenzuela Géographe et Urbaniste, Chili / France

Partenaires de l'atelier